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Reasons Why Your Parking Ticket will NOT be Dismissed:

  • I was just there for a short time.
  • There was no where else to park.
  • Lack of convenient parking space.
  • No one else got a ticket.
  • Didn’t see the sign.
  • Parked in same area and never received ticket before.
  • I didn’t intend to do it.
  • The fine is too much.
  • I was late and had to park somewhere.
  • The sign looked like it was pointing to the Capitol.
  • The people in the business across the street said it was OK.
  • No one was parked there I thought it would be OK.
  • There were alot of empty stalls.
  • It was after hours.

Disclaimer:    Appeals without the required information cannot be processed. 

Late Fees:

Failure to pay, appeal or obtain a court date within 7 days of issue date will result in additional forfeitures. The Department of Transportation will suspend your registration and refuse renewal of any of your vehicles if you fail to pay or contest this ticket within 38 days from issue date.

The late fees will not be added during your appeal process. Please contact the Capitol Police Dispatch center to obtain court dates for parking citations if you do not agree with the decision made on your appeal.

Phone number is 608 266-8797
Appeals on parking tickets will not be accepted over the phone.
If you have supporting documents for your appeal please file a written appeal at the Capitol police Department or mail your written appeal and the documents to: Capitol Police, 17 West Main Street, Room 301, Madison, WI 53703.